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Carl James Associates

About Carl James Associates, Experts in timeshare contracts

Exiting a timeshare agreement can be much more complex than people expect.

Whether the timeshare is no longer affordable, was mis-sold in the first place or is accruing unacceptable maintenance costs, there are many reasons why people want to exit a timeshare contract.

Carl James Associates aims to ensure clients are supported throughout

At Carl James Associates, we fully understand how frustrating and distressing it can be for clients who want to exit their timeshare but can’t find an affordable way to do so.

We are industry leaders in timeshare consultancy. This means we use only the best UK-based specialist solicitors and relinquishment contract specialists. By careful negotiation and navigation of the complex legal issues involved in timeshare agreements, the team at Carl James Associates helps people exit their contracts.

Free initial consultation for clients with timeshare contract issues

So far, we have helped hundreds of people free themselves from their timeshare contracts. Affordability and resolution are always at the forefront of our strategies. By resolving the timeshare disputes before the issues get to court, clients have an easier time in achieving their goal.

Our first consultation is always free, and we are happy to talk to anyone dealing with any of the following timeshare related issues:

  • Excess or additional maintenance fees issues by the timeshare provider.
  • The timeshare agreement conditions have been changed.
  • The client was pressured to buy the timeshare or upgrade.
  • The timeshare contract is unfair due to perpetuity and other clauses.
  • The client can no longer afford the timeshare contract.

We can help clients to:

  • Exit their timeshare agreement/contract.
  • Resolve timeshare contractual disputes.
  • Cancel timeshare contracts.
  • Cancel sold points system agreements.
  • Deal with problems related to floating, fixed week or holiday club ownership agreements.
  • We assist with European and International contract issues.

UK-based professional timeshare solicitors

After the initial free consultation, the expert team at Carl James Associates give the client the option to instruct them to take their case further.

The team always focuses on dispute resolution rather than litigation, with the aim of resolving the case quickly and affordably. In the majority of cases, Carl James Associates can ensure that the timeshare company releases the customer rather than risk a negative court decision.

Services are offered at a fixed-price fee payable upfront or clients can choose the option of an hourly rate payable at the end of the contract. There are no spiralling costs for clients to worry further about. We also offer a full money back guarantee if you are not released legally from your timeshare contract.

By using only expert timeshare solicitors, Carl James Associates offers assured service and guaranteed credentials. The focus is always on handling the case in the proper way and making sure the entire process is as stress-free as possible.

Contact the team at Carl James Associates for an initial consultation

Carl James Associates is registered in Covent Garden, London, and we have an office in Stoke on Trent and York.

Find out how to contact the team at Carl James Associates here.