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Welcome to Carl James Associates thought leadership blog

Carl James Associates is an industry-leading timeshare contract consultancy firm.

With a registered office in London and sites in Stoke on Trent and York, Carl James Associates have helped hundreds of people deal with contractual timeshare problems.

What kind of services are offered by Carl James Associates?

Established in 2015, Carl James Associates consultants have 20 years collective experience in timeshare products. There’s nothing they don’t know about the contracts and they offer services to help clients solve their contractual issues.

Helping clients with timeshare contractual issues

There are loads of companies out there offering timeshare services. At Carl James Associates, we offer professional, high-quality assistance. We only use the best, fully qualified UK-based solicitors and relinquishment contract specialists.

We always set realistic expectations and a service that focuses on delivering peace of mind to our clients.

For more on our services, head to our About Carl James Associates page.

The Carl James Associates blog offers thought leadership on

  • Every aspect of the timeshare industry.
  • How to get out of a timeshare contract.
  • Why and how timeshare contracts can become too expensive to maintain.
  • Dealing with escalating or unwanted maintenance costs.
  • History of the timeshare industry.
  • The legalities of timeshare contracts.
  • Why it’s important to choose carefully when selecting a firm to help you break a timeshare contract.
  • The impact mis-sold timeshares can cause.
  • How to avoid online scams.
  • Perpetuity and other unfair timeshare contract clauses.
  • Timeshare disputes and how best to resolve them.
  • How to avoid taking any timeshare issues to court by solving them to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • The complex legalities of timeshare contracts and how to avoid adding extra problems by trying to cancel unlawfully.
  • How to keep the costs down when resolving timeshare problems.

Helping clients gain peace of mind

We understand how distressing it can be to deal with timeshare contractual problems. Our goal is to free people from this unnecessary burden and help them look forward to holidays again.

Check back to the Carl James Associates blog website for regular industry thought leadership. If you need assistance with any timeshare issues, contact us here. Consultations are free in the first instance and we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not released legally from your timeshare contract.